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What's your excuse?


 In todays society I feel that excuses are constantly being made. In my line of work I think I get to hear my fair share of them. I’ve heard all kinds of excuses, ones that make me laugh, ones that make me cringe and ones that make my eyes roll.

Unfortunately, in today's society, many people lack mental toughness.  Many people fold when things get tough or you’re forced out of your comfort zone. This could be meeting a deadline at work or school, or losing track of your goals at the gym because those last few pounds aren’t coming off the body, or on the bar. Sometimes it’s through fear of actually having to do a task. 


At CSC we understand how to train children of all ages, not just physically but mentally too.

During the summer holidays we will be holding two, 3 day strength & conditioning workshops.

Since becoming a Strength Matters practioner we have been looking forward to releasing our Pillars of Athleticism and we believe it's a great tool for assessing your all round strength and fitness. We have tests that are measurable and recordable in order to see where you excel, and also what you need to work on in order to improve and reduce the risk of injury.  

Workshop date: April 27th-28th 2019

Phil is the Head S&C coach of American Top Team and is working with some of the biggest names in the business. We are bringing him to the UK to deliver a great weekend of learning. He will be covering things such as:

Good Friday saw the return of some good old in-house competition. Last year we didn’t hold any as time flew by before we could catch our breath, so we decided to hold a partner comp. Members and non-members of all abilities were invited to take part with whom ever they wanted to and it was great to see so many turn out. 12 pairs in all made for some exciting heats and a brilliant final showdown.

Some will say that being motivated is easy, and on some level it is. You’re motivated to get up in the morning and go to work, you’re motivated to get to the gym, you’re motivated to start a new diet. But most of us fall by the way side at some point. The amount of gusto we start a project with slowly disappears and then we’re back to where we started. Slowly but surely we will find something else that takes our interest and we’ll start the cycle all over again. Getting motivated, in my opinion, is easy. Being driven is a whole different ball game.

We’re kicking off March with our first Total Warrior Training session. For the last two years we have entered a team into the Lakes 10k race. We did exceptionally well last year with our team finishing in 3rd place overall. This year we’re looking to do even better and have even more of our members join the team. As most of you are aware the price of the race goes up the closer we get to it, so make sure you book on asap.