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Cumbria Strength & Conditioning

It is our mission at CSC to positively impact, engage with, empower and encourage every member and client we have, to reach their goals and lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you would like to improve your sports performance, rehabilitate from injury, maintain your musculoskeletal health, get yourself on the right nutritional path or simply start something new and exciting then CSC is the place for you.




About us

CSC is a family run business, which opened its doors in August 2015. Matty is the gyms head coach and is a former Royal Marines Commando having served 10 years in the corps. Matty is a Strongfirst Kettlebell instructor, a level 2 British weightlifting coach, HYROX L1 coach and a functional movement screen practitioner. His wife Vicky is the gym manager and makes sure things run as smoothly as they can, basically keeping Matty in check. Vicky has a BSc (Hons) Physical Activity Exercise and Health. She is a level 3 qualified personal trainer and also a Brand-X professional youth coach. With her pre and post natal knowledge and the help of their three young girls Vicky also runs the Buggy Conditioning classes.

Gym Equipment

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At CSC we pride ourselves on having the very best training equipment, from state of the art technology that can monitor progress in real time, to the tried and tested kettlebell. We have a range of equipment to meet all strength and conditioning needs.

  • Velocity based training with the PUSH band. Allowing us to measure speed, strength, power and also fatigue in real time allowing us to monitor progress and reduce the risk of over training or injury.
  • We can train reaction time, functional cognitive training as well speed and agility monitored in real time using our Fitlight training system.
  • A 25m astro turf for use with our sleds to push, pull and drag.
  • A full compliment of strongman equipment including plate loadable logs, a yoke, farmers handles, sandbags up to 100kg and also a range of Atlas stones from 30kg-100kg along with two platforms to load them on to.
  • Cardio equipment including Concept 2 rowing machines, air assault bikes and a concept 2 Ski-erg.
  • Kettlebells from 4kg to 48kg, slam balls, medicine balls and resistance bands.
  • A range of Olympic weightlifting bars, technique bars, a trap bar and over 1200kg of bumper and cast iron plates.
  • A full power cage and Olympic weightlifting platform.